Mid-State Welding & Fabrication LLC

Code stamps R, U, and S

Mid-State Welding & Fabrication LLC, carries the code stamps R, U, and S, which allows us to construct, as well as repair pressure vessels, process piping, and boilers.

Mid-State Welding & Fabrication has the latest in CAD programming to take the “napkin sketch” to a complete and final project!!

Using advanced CAD and CAM programming technologies, our engineers are able to develop accurate layouts for complex components. Combined with our CNC water jet cutting, it allows us to produce precisely cut pieces to ensure proper fit-up and improve the quality of the finished product. The advanced technology of Mid-State Welding & Fabrication's engineering department not only delivers a higher quality product, but it is often at a much lower price than our competitors.

Water jet Cutting

Water jet cutting provides options for cost-effective, precision machining and can produce a finished product in a fraction of the time of other conventional processes. Our equipment can be used as a single process or to pre-machine parts destined for tighter tolerances. In abrasive cutting, water under ultra high pressure is mixed with an abrasive, producing an extremely powerful cutting tool that can be used to cut even the most delicate or brittle material. There is no effect on the part itself – no heat affected zone or stress to the material. The water jet allows us to precisely direct the abrasive flow to achieve tolerances that rival those of other advanced processes. Our water jet is run with Master Cam X2 software to hold the tightest tolerances, as well as nest parts for optimal sheet utilization!!

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What we can do for you

• Blenders • Stuffers • Grinders
• Tanks • Skid Work • Ductwork
• Conveyors • Platforms • Separators • Filtration
• Vapor Scrubbers • Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers

• Aluminum • Ceramics • Composites • Copper
• Exotic Alloys • Non-tempered Glass
• Hardened Tool Steel • Rubber • Stainless Steel
• Steel Stone • Titanium